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IMG_4456Green Juice Daily!

Green juice floods your system with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals super fast, without giving your body any of the added work of having to digest fibres or other naturally excreted products. It boosts your entire body with life-force energy which is readily and instantly accessible to you, and with daily use, I promise you will see and feel significant differences to your health and wellbeing FAST!

People often reject juice fasts on the basis that you “need the fibre” – my view on that is that your body is more than likely going to thank you for giving it a rest for a week or so! You will not struggle without fibre for a few days unless you are already prone to constipation, however that’s a condition which is usually far more complex than just a case of instructing a person to ‘eat more fibre’. Often it’s a hydration issue, a dietary issue  and even an emotional or hormonal issue.

Juicing regularly starts to move stuff in your body, it cleans up your colon and gets your cells flooded with vitality quickly and efficiently if you’re not food combining with your juices too much. Keep them clean and simple for maximum effectiveness. A personal favourite of mine is simply celery, cucumber and lemon in the mornings. Celery juice gets your stomach acids revved up and really helps with digestion, bloating, gas and other inflammatory conditions such as ulcerative colitis, IBS, candida and more.

You will find regular tips and recipes, commonly asked questions, equipment information (everything you need in your healthy kitchen), healthy living info and so much more in my regular blog posts. I welcome your comments and questions.

The photo above shows a yummy scrummy green smoothie and a clean and crisp, fresh green juice. Although I mostly prefer juicing and generally only revert to smoothies when I’m working, have an intense day ahead, need more energy or if I’m feeling more hungry, I do still love them! What are your favourites?

I hope you will drop in and share from time to time, meanwhile…stay juicy! I love you, so now, all that remains is for you to love you too!