Create Great Health!

IMG_4013What is health?

Isn’t that just the absence of a need to visit your GP? Isn’t is just ticking along nicely not really needing anything in particular? No! True health is when you are living fully and completely in alignment with your dreams and goals, feeling alive, inspired, fulfilled, healthy and more. It’s prevention not cure! A healthy life is a life lived surrounded by like-minded community who build you up and share your visions for your optimum potential. It’s when you know you have support, freedom, and peace of mind on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What we each need for that may vary enormously but we most definitely all share some common basic needs – the need to be free from suffering, to be loved and to have the best chance possible to live a good life.

So how can you get those needs met? By becoming a conscious creator of your life! I’m here to metaphorically hold your hand as you create for yourself all you need to live a dynamic and wonderful life. I don’t know about you guys but personally, I’m always inspired by other people living their dreams and doing what I aspire to do. Mentorship is important! Having people you respect and admire is important. You don’t need to know them personally – some of my greatest role models are people I’ve never met and maybe never will but nevertheless they grow me as a human being by modelling qualities I aspire to.

There will be regular posts in my blog sharing my own healthy living tips, information about people I love and admire, links to great resources, books, course and websites, travel and joyful living posts (it’s good for you and expands your mind!) and much more.

Come journey with me on the road to creating amazing, uplifting, inspired wellness because you are so very worth it!