Cool Stuff: Links

Sarah Rose Bright – Sexuality Educator and Coach

Sacred Pleasures – Conscious Sexuality, Ecstatic BDSM & Sex Positive Healing

Seani Love – Conscious Kink & Shadow Tantra

Rosie Heart – Tantra Massage, Kink and Erotic Explorations

Annie Sprinkle – Erotic Pioneer (my all time heroine!)

Barbara Carrellas – Founder and author of Urban Tantra

Shakti Tantra – UK Tantra School offering a wide range of mixed and single gender workshops


Amy Jo Goddard – Sexual Empowerment Educator – beautiful, clear, grounded work.

Beautiful Agony – Les Petits Morts (orgasms) – fabulously diverse!

Adult Industry Truth – Non sensationalised support

Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross – what can I say – who’s the Mama(s)

Clayton Cubitt’s Hysterical Literature – one of my all time favourites…women reading classic literature whilst orgasming…what’s not to love!

Desiree Alliance Sex Worker Rights

The Feminist Porn Awards – need I say more?

Fetlife – kinky meeting space


Fuck for Forests – Ecosexual love bugs!

Global Network of Sex Work Projects – fabulous and important resource

ISTA – The International School of Temple Arts – it’s all in the name!

Jane’s Guide to Adult Web Services

Joseph Kramer’s Sexological Bodywork Training

Newman Alexander (formerly London Faerie)  – conscious kink practitioner

Mariko Passion – from Whore Revolutionary to Tantric Goddess


Laura Agustin – The Naked Anthropologist

Maggie McNeill – The Unrepentant Whore Blog

The Pros Education Network

The Prostate Pleasure Guide – do it well and do it safe

Scarlet Alliance – for all the Aussie sex workers out there

Sex & Censorship – it’s in the name!

Steve Jasmine Counselling – LGBT, kink & poly aware counselling services

The New School of Erotic Touch – so much juicy stuff!

The Sexual Freedom Coalition – get your groove on

The TLC Trust – connecting people with disabilities with responsible sex professionals

Tits & Sass – a group run sex worker blog


Trade Secrets – for sex industry workers

UK Network of Sex Work Projects

Veronica Vera’s Finishing School for Boys who Would be Girls

Violet Blue – Sex blogger, educator and author

We Consent – networking and support for erotic workers and their allies

X-Talk – home of the Sex Worker University