About me

Hi! Thank you for joining me here in this wonderfully juicy exploration of life, sexuality, kinkiness, fabulous health and radiant vitality.

I’m Steph, and I’ve been involved in some way or another in the willing and sometimes unwilling exploration of sex my whole life. I’ve been a sexual freedom activist almost 30 years now, twice nominated and finalist for an erotic award for both my original blog (2010) and as Campaigner of the Year (2013) – I still love little more than to talk about, or event better, try out, lots of sexual stuff! I’m totally invested in calling out injustice, seeking out truth and sniffing out the places and things that keep us small and create fear, guilt and shame, choosing instead to transform those things into passion, purpose and pleasure.

I’m a woman who has experienced much of life. Once lost in a deep sea of heroin and methadone addiction, then covering the pain with many other substances that checked me out of feeling and experiencing life (it was too painful to be present), I now bring all of my stories to my life’s work and use those experiences to inspire others to know how much change is possible.

I’ve worked in factories, on market stalls, in high profile drug and alcohol support agencies, in the sex industry, as a researcher, as a librarian (briefly), in many bars, in a women’s local government agency, for a free ads paper, as a self employed juice bar and cafe owner for many years (18 to be precise) and I now work as a shamanic sexuality bodyworker and healer, an international retreats, events & workshops host and leader, and a juice detox specialist (my long term love affair).

I believe that authentic communication, integrity and presence bring us into all life has to offer in the most astoundingly potent and rich way, and I’m here to share all of that passion with you. Live your life without shame and let no-one tell you that you can’t!