About me

Hi! Thank you for joining me on this inspirational journey towards living the life of your dreams. I’m Steph Magenta, and it’s my passion to create health and wellbeing through the transformation of your suffering into gold (Alchemy).

I’m a woman who has experienced much of life! Once lost in a sea of deep heroin and methadone addiction, then covering the pain with many other substances that checked me out of feeling and experiencing life (it was too painful to be present), I now bring all of my stories to my life’s work and use those experiences to inspire others to know how much change is possible. I’ve overcome many serious addictions, ill health and a challenging life, and I’ve turned that into my passion to help others see what is possible for themselves too. I’ve worked in factories, on market stalls, in high profile drug and alcohol support agencies, in the sex industry, as a researcher, as a librarian (briefly), in many bars, in a women’s local government agency, for a free ads paper, as a self employed juice bar and cafe owner for many years (18 to be precise) and I now work as a life coach, juice cleanse & detox therapist, shamanic bodyworker and international events host. I also host regular retreats and workshops teaching others how to heal their lives.

I’m about to embark on a new course of study to become a breath work facilitator and I often have to pinch myself to believe that life can be this good, and knowing it’s about to get even better is pretty awesome I can tell you! Follow me as I pursue my next dreams to live and work from anywhere in the world as a digital nomad, creating health and wellbeing in every place I visit, and living in love, passion, joy and freedom. I look forward to sharing with you all very much xox