Bliss Balls (not that kind…!)

18556132_10154402081381481_8446408233370599132_n(Almost) Raw Vegan Treats

So those who know me know I spend much of my life thinking about juicing, dreaming up recipes, exploring new flavours, developing recipes and more. Last night I actually woke at 3:00am with a whole new cleanse in my awareness and had to get up and write it down before the dream time evaporated taking the inspiration with it! Watch this space and check my website as it will be on there soon

Meantime, I also love to create raw treats, clean food recipes and generally enjoy experimenting in my kitchen. I make these to go with customer juice cleanses for those who want a little sustenance with their cleansing, and they always go down well. They were a top seller in my juice bar Love Juice back in the day with very good reason…they taste amazing! These absolutely gorgeous beasts were posted on my instagram yesterday and I promised to share the recipe so here you go – enjoy xox

Makes approximately 21 balls:

500g organic dates

2 heaped tablespoons no palm oil organic peanut butter

3 tbsp organic tahini

2 tbsp maple syrup

2 heaped tbsp de-hulledvorganic hemp seeds

1 large tbsp organic maca powder

3 tbsp organic cacao powder

1 tbsp organic lucuma powder

2 tbsp organic chia seeds

1 tbsp alkaline water

pinch of Himalayan pink salt.

Place all ingredients into a kitchen food processor with a strong blade and mix until you have a sticky but firm ‘dough’ consistency. Roll into 38 gram balls and coat with extra de-hulled hemp, chia , or cacao powder. I prefer the hemp seed coating personally.

Beware – these are addictive!!!

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