It’s all about the prep!

IMG_5065How beautiful does this look?

And do you know how simple it was? As easy as tying your shoe laces!

One thing I’ve¬†learnt big time about great nutrition is that it’s all in the preparation – whether that be shopping in advance, having a really well stocked pantry and fridge, or advance preparing your food (where possible), these things are absolutely key to the passion and self love needed to eat well and live well.

I promised Id share this simple recipe I posted over on my insta feed this morning (click here, it’s a live link! —>¬†@lifealchemyhealth), so here it is.

one cup oats (use gluten free if that suits you best), soaked overnight in apple juice*

one large mango

handful of blueberries

edible flowers, mint leaves or other to decorate.

It’s really THAT simple!

  1. Take your oats and soak overnight of for several hours if you want them later the same day. *You can use almond, hemp, oat or rice milk as an alternative. Stir occasionally and add more liquid if needed.
  2. Then puree up your fruit of choice, and remember you really don’t need sugar or any other sweetener here, but I guess if you have a chronic sweet tooth you could add a date or two before blending.
  3. Add puree to top your oats, then decorate as you please. I used fresh organic blueberries and edible flowers and herbs, but you could you coconut yoghurt, superfoods, chopped dried fruits, nuts etc – I recommend keeping your nuts and fruits separate for proper food combining, but beyond that, fill your boots!
  4. Enjoy!

And remember folks – as always to #liveyourjuicylife

love Steph xox

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