Drink your love juice…

IMG_4799It’s good for you!

So, when I had a juice bar, we named it Love Juice. We knew at the time this would bring forward the chuckles and sniggers, but myself and my delicious friend Louise (we’d gone into partnership at this time) had both met through tantra, and really enjoyed playing with the double entendre and our naughty sides, and so Love Juice was born. I also had a long time love of juicing so the name Love Juice did have another meaning too! The signature smoothie (pictured above) was one of our top sellers, and we loved to listen in on the cheeky conversations this drink brought forth!

It’s a purposely designed aphrodisiac blend, and I can think of no better way to seduce your lover/s! If you love Turkish delight, you’ll love this smoothie. To make:

330ml Coconut mylk

handful fresh strawberries and a handful of frozen (frozen thickens it up)

Teaspoon organic maca powder

Tablespoon de-hulled hemp seeds

Cap of rose water

about 6 drops of pine pollen tincture (optional as it’s now always easy to get)

I’m on my 6th yoga class of the week today, and tomorrow makes it 7 in 7 days! Boom! Energy coming back up, heart healing, love spreading and life is pretty good. Wishing you all a joyful weekend – stay juicy! xox

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