Negative Self Talk

13344585_10153482377906481_3030925878515268143_nSpeak no, see no, hear no…

My Morning Motivational Meditations have now become a ‘thing’. Driven by a deep inner need to be outdoors in nature ever since I returned from Bali just over 3 weeks ago,  I began to record myself in communication with what began as a conversation with myself, a part of my own process of grieving the loss of my soul home in Indonesia, but I rapidly found it had become a communication with my wider networks. I found on this walking, talking journey meandering through my thoughts that others were being inspired, began to message me about what I was doing and how much it was helping them, and could I do more please!

I go out without a plan, I start walking, I listen to the river, the birdsong, the wind in the trees and I start speaking, the language of nature surrounding the language of humanity. I tried to record one indoors one day and it just didn’t flow – I’m somehow carried by the potency of this great and natural earthy mystery – it feeds and nourishes me, and that seems to transmit to those who ‘walk’ with me wherever they tune in from. Facebook live – who knew I would grow to love it so much!

Today’s subject was negative self talk – about how we all too often annihilate ourselves every day with a stream of criticism, judgement, comparison, less than, and punishing thoughts. These thoughts are transmitted through our being as if they are as real as being spoken directly to us by another human being. How sad is that? We love to speak about our conditioning and our triggers, to blame others for our pains and struggles, and yet here we are having massively successfully carried the baton of self loathing over from our parents/educators/peers/rivals etc to carry it very willingly ourselves. It’s like hearing “I need a volunteer to step forward and shoot themselves please” and as if we’ve all rushed forth with our hands held high saying “pick me – I’ll do it!”

We are all products of our conditioning – that’s kind of inevitable as when we are children and adolescents we believe what our carers tell us; we believe the messages they give us, we know nothing about ‘projection’ or their own conditioning at this stage, and why would they hurt or lie to us right? They love us don’t they? Well perhaps they do  and here I am reminded of the Christ on the cross saying “forgive them father, for they know not what they do,” and whilst I’m not a religious person, I totally get this. The people who bring us up and tell us what to believe are so often out of awareness of their own wounding and programming, so it gets passed on to us and becomes our epigenetic profile unless we consciously change that back by getting super clear about our own part in this drama.


We are around 60% water in our make up. Most of us by now are aware of Dr Masaru Emoto’s Messages In Water research – if not here’s a clip below explaining a little:

When you translate this into what is going on in your own body with the very same imprints – well it’s pretty startling right? We are quite literally changing our vibrations, hurting ourselves, reinforcing every negative message we ever received, and why would we do that? Because we don’t know any different. Our thinking has become habitual, our habits have become ingrained in us to the extent they become us, and that saying “you are what you eat”… well “you are what you think” is also true!

Start today! Change your negative automatic thoughts by catching them, bringing awareness to them and as I advised on my Motivational Meditation Talk today, start new habits born of self love. If you find it hard then just “fake it until you make it!” Thank your body every day for all it does, thank it and send loving messages with intention through every part of your being, and one day, before too long actually, you’ll wake up realising you feel inexplicably different somehow. You’ll realise that you like yourself more, and keep going…because then you’ll come to realise you are loving yourself with a genuine, beautiful, deep and juicy self love and let me tell you, that feels really good!

It’s my belief that self love absolutely must be mastered before we can love another person in a healthy way. Imagine if you spoke to another person the way you speak to yourself; you’d have no friends and likely a lot of enemies! You’d be lonely, shame filled and guilt ridden no doubt, so stop doing that to yourself right now! I can’t tell you enough how crucial this is to your life, your health and your wellbeing. Don’t do it for anyone else’s benefit, do it for you…because you are the one who has to live with yourself daily, and you are magnificent!



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