Living A Juicy Life

IMG_4665Juicing with intent!

I’m not a novice when it comes to juicing! I’ve been juicing now for over 18 years, ever since a visit to New York City in 1998 sparked a flame of inspiration that has never left me since my (what turned out to be) life-changing trip.

I’d never had an urge to see New York, preferring the sensual flow of the countryside or the soothing swell of the ocean in so many ways, and yet I found myself captivated by the skyline on a return flight from Los Angeles the previous year. In those days, Twin Towers still stood side by side on that iconic skyline, and gazing from the aeroplane window, I was hooked! One year later I returned with the sole intention of exploring this city, and it didn’t let me down, it did surprise me and it enormously inspired me. I was to return five more times in the following decade, and each time, more of me was met by this city’s magical energy.

New York City in the days pre-Giuliani was a lively, rebellious, arty,  chaotic and wonderful place. A bleeding city of love, lust and passion fuelled by its people and its history. People campaigned, spoke out, dreamed and created, and there was an energy there almost indescribable in words; the energy of life being lived in full throttle.

It was here that I discovered my first serious juice bar, and it was here that my first ever business seed was planted. Sitting in Battery Park on the edge of Manhattan I knew I wanted to do this more than I’ve ever known anything (at the time). My first juice bar was opened in Manchester, UK less than 5 months later, fittingly named Battery Park and it was the first of its kind in my city. I was proud, inspired and living my dream. My partner at the time told me I was a nightmare to live with whilst birthing this baby, so mono focussed that he and my young children temporarily took a back seat as I went through the conception, containment, labour and birth as only a birthing woman knows how – with a determined and resolute inner vision so strong it was inevitable that it would arrive and begin to live with its own sense of character, supported by my loving attention and a sense of ‘oh shit – what do I do now’! I had no business experience, no catering experience, no accounting experience and nothing tangible that would make sense of going for it in a logical way. What I did have was passion, determination, vision and courage and that’s all you need to go for your dreams – seriously it is!

I’ve probably juiced most days since then – something like a total of 7,300 days of juicing and if I average 3 juices a day (a modest estimate) that’s 21,900 juices. That’s one hell of a lot of fruit and vegetables, and one hell of a lot of health giving goodness in my system! To avoid boredom I create new recipes constantly, and perhaps on those figures you can now see why boredom may strike! It’s become my passion and my pleasure to inspire others both with juicing and health, and in learning how to follow your dreams (I also work as a life coach) and make them happen.

Since I set up my original juice bar, I’ve had 4 more (never more than one at a time); one in the south of France, and three in Manchester. Since selling those and moving into a more independent life, free from the restrictions of running a small business (it can be tough in the UK!), I now provide juice cleanses, facilitate and host my own local, national and international workshops on juicing, healing, shamanic practices, and more. I host other international healers and facilitators whom I respect and desire to work with, and on a day to day basis, I offer detox and life coaching, juicing tuition, cleanses, bodywork and much more. I have moved into doing what I love full time without the ties of a shop, feeling the fear and fully embracing change. I love being able to respond to the people who contact me on a one to one basis, which allows me to tailor information or services I provide much more specifically to each individual person, and that’s what I realise I have passion for – connecting people to what serves them best! I love listening well and responding from my heart. Of course there are aspects of my shops that I miss – the random people who came in, the conversations, the healing that took place in an extraordinarily ordinary way, and the benefits of having an easily accessible customer facing business, but I do not miss the relentless stress, hard physical labour, staff management and the book keeping one bit!

I guess sometimes we just need to press pause to hear what our spirits and souls are asking us to realise – thankfully I did that and it’s now become a life habit. How about you – are you listening to the voice of your dreams? If not, what not and how can you change that?

Please visit my website for more information – stay juicy and be love xox

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